About Us

Our Why.

Quality. Community. Personal Expression.

We at D. França Designs believe you are what you wear, so we create consciously produced handcrafted leather bags that are as high-quality and authentic as the people who buy them. Throughout our process, we select, design, and produce for you while also thinking on the overall impact on “us’’.
We believe we are all connected as global citizens, and we strive to celebrate diversity by incorporating aspects of cultural elements into our collections.  We advocate for Think Global, Shop Local because we believe economies are built on local success and people are empowered when we connect with each other.
We think your bag can and should be more intentional than just something to carry your stuff in, so we create our handbags to empower you to celebrate your individual expression while connecting you with your global community.
Each bag is made for you, by us.
To you, from Italy.

"We seamlessly integrate leather and fabric into a high-quality product that is not only expressive and unique in its design, but also functional in its execution."

Uniquely Handcrafted.

D. França Designs’ signature look seamlessly integrates leather and fabric into a high-quality product that is not only expressive and unique in its design, but also functional in its execution.

Handcrafted means that each style is produced in limited quantities and every feature of every design is deliberately thought through by a living person and worked on by an artisan’s hands.

Our found, Diana, currently creates every design, draws every pattern, cuts every fringe, sews every stitch.  Her own biggest critic, she inspects every aspect of each bag to ensure that every customer receives a product of the upmost quality.


Consciously Produced.

D. França Designs stands for mindful consumption and responsible fashion by providing an alternative to mass-produced products.  In an environment where everything is made to be disposable and fast fashion contributes to growing waste and poor economic conditions, our bags are made to last.

We strive for quality not quantity, and whenever possible, we source our materials from other socially responsible suppliers who share our high standards and care not about their products, but also their community.

Close up of D. Franca Designs Rio Grande foldover crossbody clutch leather handbag showing logo

Where we are now:

All of our bags are currently crafted by our founder herself in her intimate home studio.  From the conception of the design and cutting of the fabric, through to the sewing and the tying off of the final stitch, Diana embeds her passion and artistry into every bag we sell.

Where we strive to grow:

As we continue to grow, we hope to use the expansion of our small-scale handcrafted production to empower underserved communities around the world.   Our intention is to create the opportunity for sustainable jobs that produce both economic independence for those involved as well as beautifully handcrafted leather bags you can feel good about wearing.

The Woman Behind the Vision - Meet Our Founder